Keeping up with Google in 2016

Google is always improving and updating their search engine algorithms and search ranking methods. Since 2013 SEO strategies have had to adapt to an ever-altering Google algorithm. Some of the biggest changes over the last few years include Panda and Penguin updates as well as their movement to mobile-friendly requirements. As Google aims to deliver the best results for its users, your website now needs to be delivering what people want or you will start losing your rankings. At the same time, given these few hard-hitting updates, there is a great amount of opportunity to be had to companies staying ahead of the competition and refreshing their SEO with a suitable professional service.

Some of biggest recent changes that may be affecting your site right now include:

  • Mobile friendly Requirement; Mobile searches now outnumber desktop searches and Google has adapted their algorithm to ensure mobile users also get the best results.
  • Website Load Speed; in an evolving digital world, users expect fast load times and this now will have an impact on websites ranking.


See the below video for an in-depth overview of some of the recent changes and how your digital agency can stay ahead and ensure you SEO is going to be effective heading deep into 2016.


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